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Welcome on Jean Labre's website !
Times are changing and I give up today my participation to the « France Harmonica » website. I'll devote myself, from now on, to the « » site, with always the same objective : to keep you informed about the international life of our multifaceted instrument.

Welcome to all of you, faithful friends and all the others to come. I propose you to browse through mouth music actuality, culture, technic and much more. Following your curiosity, have a look at the different sections you'll find in it. It's in English and French so that cybernaut harmonicists from all countries can meet and join us.

Good surfing on a site of which the only ambition is to rise and keep your interest.

- Jean Labre
Harmonica player
France Harmonica Founder President
IHO Europe Vice President
Published October 14th 2005


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