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20th France Harmonica/Harmonicas de France Festival

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This Festival will take place, from the 11th to the 13th of June, in the city of Domancy, France 74700, in the French Alp mountains area, near the "Mont Blanc". The local group "Savoie Harmonica" and the city will take part in the organization of this event, associated with the Harmonicas de France Federation.
-Friday 11th: Meeting dinner at the "Auberge La Devinière".
-Saturday 12th : Harmonica Championships, workshops, cocktail followed by a concert at "La Tour Carrée" Theater. Featuring : Greg Zlap, Antoine Leroux, Nami Miyata, Duo "Intermezzo" and the group "Savoie Harmonica".
-Sunday 13th, General Assembly of the association, followed by an open stage organized by of "Savoie Harmonica" association.

Our anniversary !! Yes, France Harmonica, established by Jean Labre, will be 20 years old, next Spring. And our first Festival took place, believe it or not, in the same Savoie area, in Meythet, organized by Pierre Kaced who will become, later, France Harmonica Honour President.
20 candles to be blow, you will be welcome!

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Published May 19th 2010


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