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DVD/Book - Rendez-vous with Tommy Reilly

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The initiative of Uwe Warschkow offers us a very special moment with his DVD/book, proposing a series of interviews, harmonica lessons and much more, collected in the privacy of "Hammonds Woods"* with his friend Tommy Reilly.
This DVD/book (231 pages, in English or German) " Harmonica Lessons with Tommy Reilly" is sold at 35 euros.
To learn more visit the web site:
Summary : Biography, Interviews, Harmonica lessons, Harmonica Great events, Recitals, Academy "St. Martin in the Field", Back in "Hammonds Woods", Discography, etc. All complemented by photos.
A DVD/book not to be missed.

*"Hammonds Woods" was Tommy Reilly's favourite residence, his heaven of rest, his "Ivory Tower" as he liked to call it.
Published September 9th 2010


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