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"Jouez du Neuf" publication

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A welcome initiative H2F (Harmonicas de France) has just published a special issue : a book entitled " Jouez du Neuf ", in French and English, including 7 original compositions by Pierre Rochat. You will find the scores of each piece, with advice for execution, all together with a CD including the execution of each of these pieces and their playback.
Took part in this CD : Dominique Lannes, Gérard Margnoux, Pierre Rochat, Jean François Laurion, chromatic ; Jean Pierre Auger, guitar and Régine Laurion, piano.
Two more words concerning Pierre Rochat: Pierre is violinist, pianist, guitarist, harmonica player of talent. Besides the songs from this album, he is also an atypical Baroque composer.

Cost of this publication : 30 euros, mailing included.
To get one, simply send a bank check (or an international money order for overseas), at the order of Harmonicas de France, address :
Christian Tetu, 5 rue Alexander Fleming 66000 Perpignan France.
Published January 3rd 2011


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