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The Return of the Swallows
The swallows, faitfull to their appointment, are back, chasing an awful winter with a lot of chirpings, heralding a year rich in harmonica events every where, with a highlight, the World Harmonica Festival (WHF2013), to be held in Trossingen, Germany, from October 30 to November 3.
You will find in our "News/Calendar" pages information about all the other harmonica events of this year. The Trossingen appointment is approaching. The World Harmonica Championship, flagship event of this festival, attracts more and more countries, including many far east competitors. The race for medals is open. Those of you wishing to take part in this festival should contact :
without delay, because of hotels reservations.

The bursting out of Internet has left behind some of us, attached to the uses of the past. They have chosen to ignore all the benefits that the web has made possible : opportunities to interact with users of the other sides of the world, e-mails, blogs, tweets and forums.
But it is clear that the vast majority of players are swearing by internet, assiduously practicing the web, may be sometimes bordering addiction...It's nowadays an evidence, internet is a giant business, the proof of it is that is now visited by 131 countries.

Back in the past... Aren't we entitled to wonder where the swallows could settled before the invention of telephone ?

- Jean Labre
Published April 4th 2013


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