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Harmonicas sur Cher 06 Festival

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This is one of the top european events of the year. Each year you can meet there the best of the harmonica planet. With this year : Paul Lassey, Eric Frère Jacques "Les contes du Mississipi", Olivier Goulet "Le Monde de Kota", "Karl W. Davis & the Milkmen", "Iano Barefoot", Laurent Maur and "l'Orlando Poléo Sextet", Claude Saubestre and Nami Miyata, and on the Saturday night "Sébastien Charlier Quartet". You will have three full days of workshops and open stages non stop.
Jean Labre will give a lecture Saturday afternoon at the cinema "Le Petit Casino", the subject is :" Once upon a time the harmonica".
May 24/25/26/27. 2006
Published January 27th 2006


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