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Concert Armos Ensemble

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Armos group is back in its wellknown atypical style, with a Minevitch color... we like. Once again Pierre Rochat, their leader, invites us to share a moment of escape with his partners Dominique Lannes, Gérard Margnoux and Jean Pierre Auger, in their favorite territory, the "Chapelle de Bon Secours", in Paris.
The drummer Daniel Diot and the "Duo Intermezzo" (harmonica & piano) are also included in the program of this concert.
Dominique Lannes offers us an original poster of this event (opposite) showing photos of himself and his partners at the age of 10 years, with a reward to the first one who will recognise and name them more than 50 years later ! Clever advertising argument...
This concert will take place on May the 25th, 7,30pm, at the "Chapelle de Bon Secours", 68 rue des Plantes 75014 Paris, .

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Published May 19th 2013


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