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The meaning of the word "benevolat" is to donate your time and effort without any retribution to organisation, sport clubs, charitable or medical groups, intellectual societies and others.
These volunteers are called "benevoles"from the Latin "Benevolus". To be helpful and do something for someone is the goal of every
Benevoles. And this editorial is all about our Musical world and our wonderful "Benevoles".
I am back from our Mittelwhir gathering in the heart of the Alsatian Vineyard, event created by Patrice Zanardo, Zazapat, and Bernard Chemin, harmonica players, both masters of "Benevolat".
Three days during which Harmonica Players from France, Switzerland and Germany not only demonstrate their musical talents but proved they could as well hold their own when it comes to sample local wines and beers... moderato.

Same scenario continued after three days in Domancy (Haute Savoie),
during which time Gerard Perrin and his group of "Benevoles" performed their "Harmonic'Amis " festival, which will be remembered (see our website to be convinced).

This "Benevolat" is really the most important factor for the survival of our dedicated groups, without them I am afraid our associations would be in the way of disappearance.

I will close this editorial by quoting Philippe Gluck, a Belgian humorist: " By paying better salary to the benevolents it would entice more people to work as benevoles."

Harmonically yours
Jean Labre
Published June 28th 2013


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