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Beijing Festival

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China is on the move. I'm back from the Beijing Harmonica Festival which took place from May 22nd to 27th, by the invitation of my friends, Jiayi-He, virtuoso chromatic, and Bai Yansheng « Beijing Hayan Harmonica Orchestra » conductor. Festival dedicated to the 10th anniversary of this orchestra which warmly welcomed me. Among other musical and touristic activities, I took part in a concert organized by my hosts. Concert broadcasted on a national TV channel.
On a screen of 8 over 16 meters on stage, were projected slide shows during each artist performance. At the request of my friends I had come with a slide show of romantic views of Paris projected behind me during my performance.

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In addition to Jiayi-He, the Beijing Hayan Orchestra and myself, took part in this concert : Chong Ah Kow (Malaysia), Giovanni Volini (Italia), Lee Hea Bong (South Korea), etc. Be noted that Jiayi-He also represented the USA.
It was a friendship rendez-vous, prelude to the APHF (Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival), biennial to be held next August near ShanghaÏ, at Hangzhou.

Jean Labre
Photos : Bai Yansheng & Paris show case Digitalimage
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Published June 22nd 2014


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