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Concert Nami Miyata

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This concert « Organ and Harmonica » will take place on September 28th at Saint Lubin Church, Rambouillet 78120 France. 3pm. Featuring Nami Miyata, Harmonica & Yves Pelras, Organ.
The program offers pieces of Jean Sebatien Bach, Haendel,, Piazzola and Spivakovsky.
Free entrance- Reservation : (33)664135145 &

Who is Nami Miyata...
After brilliant musical studies at Tokyo, Nami Miyata is now living a dream from long ago : to live in Paris and to go to the main sources of the occidental culture. Nami an accomplished pianist and talented harmonica player, is also an accompanist of a rare delicacy. She participates in harmonica shows in European and Asian festivals. She had accompanied the greatest harmonica players (mainly the famous Claude Garden), and recently Opera singers in France. She created the harmonica group « Comment Allez-vous ? » (How are You ?) in Japan). She gave in France highly acclaimed,concerts in the « Japan Space » and « La Comedia » Theater, in Paris, with the French/Japanese Harmonica Trio « The Parisians ».
Admitted in musicology at the University Paris 8, she is writing a thesis on « Harmonica in Jazz ». Nami Miyata teaches harmonica, diatonic, chromatic, tremolo and piano.
Contacts : tel (33) 06 09 55 27 83 &

Illustration Yoshimi Katahira
Published August 29th 2014


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