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Condat sur Vienne, France, where has taken place the traditional festival « Harmonicales » led by Laurent Cagnon, renowned harmonica player; four days during which our instrument was featured, boosted by the presence of Brendan Power and Joe Filisko, the two « godfathers » of this event.
Launching pad somehow of the PRH (Resources Harmonicas Center). « The first in France and it is in Condat ! » has proudly announced Laurent Cagnon, founder of Harpedge association. The PRH is based on a partnership between the city, the library « Le Bateau Livre », Harpedge association and Harmonicas de France Federation. The aims of the project are to consolidate this association and to make available to french harmonica players and other people interested in this project, information documents, books, magazines, photos, videos and objects related to the harmonica. If you are interested in this project you can contact Laurent Cagnon : &
Tel : (33)5- 55 09 99 34
Published October 23rd 2014


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