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Orchestre Harmonicas de France

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Harmonicas de France Orchestra was born under the leadership of Pierre Couteau and Charles Le Croller both experienced harmonica players. In 1965 Pierre Couteau was awarded the world champion prize in Delft, Holland, with his legendary trio « Les Trois de l'Harmonica ». These World Championships are held every four years under the auspices of the FIH (Federation International of Harmonica).
The orchestra « Harmonica de France » comprises 12 harmonica players with Jean Saquy, Michel Sanchez, Alain Chaulet as soloists*... Without forgetting the three women in this group, icing on the cake, adding a tat more of everything to this orchestra.
The Harmonica de France Orchestra will be featuring in the concert which will take place in the Chambles church at Saint Just Rambert, 42170, near Saint Etienne city, France.
Information: contact Jean Saquy (33)6-03 24 55 37
* Chord Roger Poinot, basse Marcel Depret
poster c/o harmonicas de France
Published September 26th 2015


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