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Nami Miyata
Nami, talented pianistand harmonicist, is a performer and an accompanist of a rare delicacy. She has taken part in numerous harmonica festivals in Europe and Asia. She has accompanied the best harmonicists (and among them the most late lamented Claude Garden) and more recently, in France, Opera singers.
In 2003, in Japan, she has created an harmonica group " Comment allez-vous ? ".
In 2005, Nami gave a concert which attracted particular attention, at the Espace Japon in Paris, with a trio " Les parisiens ". Admitted in 2005 in the University Paris 8, in musiclogy, she is preparing a dissertation on " L'harmonica dans le jazz. "
Nami Miyata also teaches tremolo diatonic and chromatic harmonica... and japanese, as well as piano.
You can phone her at : 06 09 55 27 83 or send her a mail :
Published January 31st 2006


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