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An anecdote is a historical feature, a little story told pleasantly and easily remembered by appealing to feelings. The art of telling an anecdote is part of the conversation charm in any place whatsoever, usually with family or friends, in public places : restaurant, bar, coffee shop...

Our little harmonica world is not outdone. For a long time anecdotes have fed Chronics. As far as I am concerned I recenttly evoked a meeting taking place in the fifties, during which the regretted Jean Wetzel slapped the also regretted Larry Adler, for a dark history of « Grisbi ». Nobody is perfect...

An opportunity is offered us today, to meet in an appropriate place for criticizing or even praising. « Epithets, bad praise, it is the facts that are praising and how they are told » so said us the philosopher La Bruyère.

It's in a coffee bar named « Anecdote » that now will take place our monthly appointment, situated in Bercy street in Paris. It is since many years the meeting point for harmonica players, greeted there by « Monique », fairy godmother of the place renamed now by its new owner.
Henceforth, it is Isabelle who will welcome us in this place, a legend to day after a so long and faithful attendance. Memories are made of this...
Published February 5th 2016


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