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Batofar Show

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The Batofar is a boat with a lighthouse fixed in the middle of her bridge. It's a place for artistic meetings, where artists are submitted to an applausemeter system at the end of their show. Having obtained a great success in last December, the group Armos has been asked by the dynamic team of the Batofar, to play again on February the 20th, at 7pm.
Armos ensemble have been highlighting the qualities of the harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety. The players are : Pierre Rochas, Gerard Margnoux, Dominique Lannes (chromatic/diatonic) and Pierre Auger (guitar).
The Batofar is docking at O'Sullivans Backstage, 92 boulevard de Clichy, 75018, métro Blanche. Paris.

Welcome to the Batofar
Photo c/o Armos
Published February 10th 2016


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