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Ampoigné 2nd Harmonica Festival

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After the success obtained last year, the mayor of this very welcoming town has decided to organize a 2nd Festival this year. It will take place at the City Concert Hall .
Ampoigné (France 53200) is situated in the « Mayenne » province area, near Laval city.

The Festival organizing committee will offer a lot of attractive activities during three days.
Programme :
& National Harmonica competition : chromatic, diatonic, ensembles, 3 categories (children, juniors, adults).
& open stages
& an instrument repair stand
& « trocante », seconde hand dealers area : old records, CD, magazines, instruments, Hifi systems, microphones, etc.
& 2 concerts, featuring : Christelle Berton (diatonic), Charles Braun (chromatic) and Udo Polhman, Sunday morning, in the beautiful church of the city.
Information, reservations : tel : (33)2 43 70 90 30
(33)9 80 93 91 82
Published June 8th 2016


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