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Night Organs
Unexpected encounter on that winter evening during which it was not recommended to put your nose out, solstice whim.
Whatever the case may be, we posted complete in the beautiful Passy Annunciation United Protestant church in Paris.
In the program were two instruments, two different kinds of organs symbol of the free reed, each believing to be alone in the world, until now ignoring the existence of the other. But that night they
discovered what it was. For the first time, the mouth organ and the great organ met during this unforgettable evening in front of a conquered audience.
Imagine the planet smallest instrument in Nami Miyata's hands, virtuoso of our mouth music, face to true Goliath, the great organ of Yves Pelras, playing pieces of our classical heritage, in perfect harmony and, more than that, Antoine Leroux who came to join them. A great world premiere, concluded by a never ending standing ovation.
Many thanks to Jean Brunet, Harmonicas de France new President, master in event logistics, organizer of this unforgettable evening.

What a night, we'll talk about it for a long long time.
Jean Labre
Published March 8th 2018


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