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Utopia Café-Concert
The Utopia is one of the few places in Paris where you can listen to harmonica concerts, blues, jazz or country style.

Its success is mostly due to Jean-Jacques Milteau who was there at the beginnning in the eighties and is still often there, and to Jacques, the owner of the place.

Greg Szlapczinski, later on, also contributed to this success by organizing master classes and evening concerts.

The Utopia is open at 10 p.m. every evening except Sundays. Harmonica concerts are often on Monday evenings.

L'Utopia 79 rue de l'Ouest 75014 Paris, métro Pernety.
Phone : 33 1 43 22 79 66

This cafe-concert is also an harmonica school giving three month training courses. Information : Souffle du Blues
1 rue Niepce 75014 Paris. Phone : 33 1 42 78 22 70
Published February 2nd 2006


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