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Diatonic Courses with Michel Herblin
Michel Herblin is informing you about his training courses, from introduction to improvement level, in Périgord
Noir : "Just to make your mouth water and to titillate you ears, I inform you of the existence of harmonica training courses (individual courses, from 2 to 4 days), my way, with gastronomic accomodation and innovative work methods. These which will enable you :
- to develop your sense of improvisation ;
- to sharpen you imagination towards original phrasings ;
- to explore scales and unusual modes, thus travelling at ease on harmony ;
- to practice off he beaten tracks in numerous musical styles ;
- to enhance and to open your play by improving your instrumental technical performances ;
- to enjoy yourself studying an original repertoire of emotionaly rich compositions ;
- introduction to musical computing (Cubase Audio + Band in a box) ;
- creation of work sequences ;
- composition / pre-arrangements of your melodic ideas ;
- audio recording of your harmo parties and recording your souvenir CD with play-backs to go on working at home. "

If all this appeals to you, information and contact Michel Herblin : phone: 06 09 82 19 17 or mail :
Published February 4th 2006


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