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Asia Pacific Festival 2006 in Taiwan
Taiwan was the first in 1996, then it was Kuala Lumpur in 1998, Seoul 2000, Atsugi-Tokyo 2002 and Hong Kong in 2004. The 6th Asia Pacific Festival will be held this year in Taiwan, from the 3rd to the 6th of August.

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The concept of this festival which has a world success, is based on four main events, as it is for all the great harmonica festivals in the world.Thoses four events are : a competition, concerts, open stages and workshops.

Except for the two first festivals, I participated to all and noted that the attendance figures reached every time record levels and the other results were what are dreaming of organizers of occidental festivals. There were 28000 visitors at Atsugi plus 1052 competitors ; competitors were 1585 in Hong Kong ! And each time the organization was unfailing and the schedule respected.

In the artistic program of this year we find the following names : He Jia-Yi, Jens Bunge, Yasuo Watani, Peter Madcat Ruth, Naoko Takeuchi, Willi Burger, Yoshio Morimoto, etc.
Published February 8th 2006


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