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Harmoliege 2006 - Harmonica in Belgium

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The Belgian National Harmonica Association, CROCH'ASBL is organizing its 8th International Festival in Liège, from October the 5th to the 8th. Croch'Asbl welcomes a variety of instruments such as : guitar, banjo, violon, mandoline, etc.
Emile Gregoire is President of the association and is helped by his daughter Annick. The President d'Honneur is M. le Baron Toots Thielmans himself.
The program includes this year : Hermine Deurloo, Barefoot Lano, Keith Dunn, Steven De Bruyn, J.J. Milteau, Howard Levy, etc. You are required to vote for your favourite artists to whom Cristal Harmonicas will be presented after the results.
Information :
photo : Croch'Asbl
Published September 12th 2006


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