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It's Spring Time !!
Spring time is here, flowers are blooming everywhere and birds are singing, flying high in the blue sky. It's time to rejoice and to celebrate in harmony with the nature revival.
Before all the Summer events, let's announce the Spring ones. First of all, in Japan, the time of the cherry trees flowering is celebrated by numerous events among which, at the end of April this year, a "French Fortnight", marked by harmonica among others themes (see in our "News").
This is only the first of a series of world events to begin with the yearly May festivals, the Saint Aignan festival, followed by the H2F festival in Auxerre, and many others to come...
We received this morning an e-mail from someone in Togo. This is the 71st country to pay us a visit on our site. We are happy to have so many international visitors. John Walton, my friend would have been also very pleased by this success. Hello John ! Is it also Spring time in the harmonicist paradise ?
- Jean Labre
Published April 7th 2007


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