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"La Comedia" Rendez-Vous

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"Armos" group concert. This quintet includes : Pierre Rochas (chromatic harmonica, violin), Gérard Margnoux (chromatic), Dominique Lannes (chromatic), Charles Le Croller (chromatic, guitar), Jean Pierre Auger (guitar).
Guests : Johnny Swingers (chromatic), Bernard Dubos (chromatic, diatonic), Michel Sanchez (chromatic), the french/japanese trio "Les Parisiens" with Nami Miyata (chromatic and tremolo), Jean Labre (chord/polyphonia), Maurice Bailly (bass), the "Stil" trio with Jean François Laurion, Bernard Poulverel (chromatic), Régine Laurion (piano).
The concept of this Spring rendez-vous gives the opportunity to "le grand public" to discover the magic range of the most popular instrument of the world, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Fats Waller and from the "Marine Band" to the "chord". Thank's to the organizers Dominique Lannes, Gérard Margnoux and Pierre Rochat.

Photo affiche (Dominique Lannes)
Published May 20th 2007


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