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The Music Day
Welcome to the Music Day. Winds coming from everywhere are blowing on the web like messengers opening a large range of discoveries and announcing favourable unexpected meetings. For example we are discovering that Bruce Willis will take part this summer in a chromatic masterclass organized by Robert Bonfiglio in Copake, New York state. Stars and celebrities are good promoters for our instrument.
Harmonica events are also goods opportunities, for a large public, to discover our "mouth music", for instance the concert of tireless French group "Armos", running everywhere in our "baguette" country to promote our small but great instrument. This band of five (to ten) harmonica players, teachers in several music schools, can play, on stage, the Aria in D major by Johan Sebastian Bach, chromatics and diatonics in unison ! We great them with a loud applause.
Thank you "Armos", thank you Bruce and Robert.
Last minute : Malta is the 76th country to pay us a visit on
Have a bright Music Day !
Jean Labre
Published June 21st 2007


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