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Trossingen-BAU V, Universal Expo

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A world top event is going to happen : the mythic BAU V, thank to Martin Haffner, is going to open its gates to celebrate the 150 years of life of a very dear to us musical instrument : the harmonica.

150 years tightly linked with Hohner Company,and you will see there an exhibition of historical treasures on loan to the BAU V for this occasion.

There'll be showrooms, conferences telling the flourishing past life of the BAU V and, for example, a surprising radio sequence : Walter Schira, astronaut in the space capsule Gemini, playing " Jingle Bells " on the Little Lady, the smallest harmonica of the world.

Don't miss this celebration, it's so exceptional to have 150 years !!

*you can read our article on the « BAU V » published on April
the 7th 2006.
*the " Little Lady " is now in the National Space Museum in
Washington D.C.(USA)

9th September until the 4th November.
Infos expo :
phone : 07425.21623
Deutsches Harmonikamuseum, Löwenstr. 11, Trossingen Germany
Published September 3rd 2007


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