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Perfume from Far East CD

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We are accustomed to listening to a lot of records produced by the western part of the world, often ignorant of music coming from far off countries, far off cultures.

We have today an opportunity to discover the traditionnal folk music from Mrs. Butterffy country. A traditional and sensitive music plaid "a cappella" by Nami Miyata with japanese tremolo harmonicas (majors, minors and pentatonics "Tombo"), with this rich harmonic range which characterizes the japanese make.

It's also an opportunity to discover Nami Miyata, not only talented harmonica player (chromatic and tremolo diatonic...) but also talented pianist.

Like a postcard, she is sending us a remarkable live performance, named " Un Tremolo à Paris ", with as a delicate ending, a parisian waltz " La rue Mouffetard ", dedicated to her western harmonica friends, particulary her parisian friends. The traditional music arrangements are signed by Hidero Sato and Juko Saito, legendary japanese tremolo harmonica players.


(Photo and cover: Nami Miyata)
Published May 20th 2008


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