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"Les Harmonicas de France" Orchestra in Russia

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European « Eurochestries » festivals are welcoming every year symphonic orchestras as well as young people choirs of a very high level, coming from Europe and from everywhere around the world : France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, China, Quebec, etc.

These festivals are an opportunity to organize international cultural meetings between composers, musicians and orchestra conductors.

This year, harmonica is honoured in the Eurochestries meetings. The iinstrument is represented by Les Harmonicas de France orchestra which is also going to take part in a european tour in Russia (have a look to our "calendar" information).

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Les Harmonica de France includes 22 harmonica players (18 chromatics, 2 chords and 2 bass). The main purpose of this orchestra is to federate players and so,it includes players coming from everywhere in France. "Eurochestries", and his dynamic founder Claude Revolte, is offering every year numbers of events to satisfy all you could wish.

Scoop: a rumour already announces concerts next year in Quebec, Canada.

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(Photo: Les Harmonicas de France Orchestra in la Chapelle St André de Rézé)
Published July 1st 2008


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