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New Year's Eve 2009
The times are changing and that's well. The Three Wise Men of the New year's Eve are the opportune perfect demonstration of this movement...
The times are changing, everywhere around the world. The Harmonica Planet can only be delighted about it... I am taking for examples, all the "Harmonica's Jamborees" which are flowering here and there.
I am just coming back from the "7th Pacific Harmonica Asia Festival" in Hangzhou (China). This event is a perfect demonstration of the phenomenon (have a look to my article devoted to this festival)*. The year 2009 will not be in rest, several events are already registered on the international calendar. The most important will be the "World Harmonica Festival 2009" which will take place in the 150 years old legendary city of Trossingen.
In our column "Calendar" we are informing you in time about all the important events of the year.
The times are changing... and we have to accept it...
"Time is the best builder of friendship" (Tahar Benjelloun), but everything has a beginning, Honduras is the 115th country visiting Welcome to all the harmonica players of this country.

Happy New Year to all of you !

Harmonically yours
Jean Labre

* We remind you that the column "Calendar" is included in the Column "News", it's about actual news. The column "Articles" includes essential articles with more important texts.
Published January 1st 2009


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