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Album Jean Labre "Postcards"

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Performed by a set of remarkable musicians such as the famous guitar player Nicolas De Angelis. 14 titles, including 8 of Jean's own composition. One particular point in this album is that Jean has played several different Harmonicas: chromatic, diatonic, diatonic-chromatic and pentatonic.

Introduction inserted in this album:
"A traveller's life is made of slices of all what have happened to him, real-life events, stories and tales collected here and there, moments given to thinking, to meditating far beyond the clouds... those marvellous clouds complicit in the most insane dreams. I had the chance, the happiness to live a wandering life in a world full of diversity and differences, full of all kinds of music so rewarding... a great adventure, always with my mouth organ in my pocket, faithful companion, symbol of freedom and best passport through this wonderful and turbulent world." - Jean Labre

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Published November 15th 2009


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