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« Hohner the Living Legend »
Wonderfully illustrated book commemorating the 150th anniversary of the firm foundation, beautiful to look at, it shows the current product line in Trossingen and takes you on the tracks of the harmonica in folk music all over the world.
Authors : Martin Häffner, Haik Wenzel (size 230 x 295m/m).
Price: 53€, will be sent post included.
Order it now, it's a great gift !
Contact for order and more information : Deutsches Harmonikamuseum – Löwenstrasse 11 – 78647 Trossingen Germany. Telefax: 0049 74 25 / 2 16 23. Paiement by bank transfer order.
For USA residents only: If you want to buy this book, please send a cheque of $65,00 together with your address to:
Mr. Harland B, Crain – 741 Cedar Field Ct.
Chesterfield, MO 63017
and you will get the book free of further charge, as soon as possible.

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French Comic strip "Genetiks Tome 1"
Authors : Richard Marazano, Ponzio. Publisher: "Editions Futuropolis" (photo Sandrine Mercier).
<FNAC URL="" PROD="Genetics T1">
Peculiarity, the hero of this comic strip, Beija, is at the same time a fashion model and a harmonica blues man. He appears drawn, all along the book, as a James Bond restoring justice.
Beija is often featuring in Paris in the harmonica café concert "De l'autre Côté".
Café "De l'autre Côté Café": (33)1- 42 02 86 82

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Harmonica If you are still interested in French comic strips publications, reserved for people speaking French fluently, may I suggest you the comic book "Harmonica" by Joan Sfar, publisher "L'Association". A frenzied cocktail of Parisian humour.
<FNAC URL="" PROD="Johann Sfar - Harmonica">

As far as I am concerned I still have particulary a weakness for the "Gasoline Alley's" US comics of my friend Jim Scancarelli...
Hello Jim !

Merry Christmas to all of you !

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Published December 15th 2009


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