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"Twenty Years Later"
An opportunity is given to me to borrow the title of the famous Alexandre Dumas novel,also author of the best-seller the"Three Musketeers" of which Hollywood has accumulated the productions.
The novels "The Three Musketeers" and "Twenty Years Later" are and will remain for a long time symbol of human friendship. The phrase always quoted, "all for one, one for all"... is a dreamed metaphor to start this edito.
Yes, it was 20 years tha "France Harmonica" association was born of which I am still nowthe Founding President.
On the 11th of June 2010, a 20th anniversary has been celebrated at the foot of the "Mont Blanc" mountain, in the village of Domancy (French Alps).
A great moment, very well organized by the local association "Savoie Harmonica" associated with H2F/France Harmonica. A warm "rendez-vous" where generations merged, a celebration of which our "Musketeers" would have been proud... Memories are made of this.

The instrumental cultures do not stop getting married harmoniously. The mouthorgan is not the last, gathering influences, surfing here and there ,from a continent to another, from a Japanese koto to the shivers of Argentina tangos, from Paganini to the Parisian "valse musette"... "All the music I love", is singing so well our French star Johnny Hallyday.

The 8th Asia Pacific Festival, in Singapore will be the perfect illustration of our cultural adventure. I shall have the happiness to be part of it... music part, part of life.
"Life is like music, it ought to be plaid twice" (Françoise Sagan)

Jean Labre
Published June 21st 2010


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