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Eastern Winds
They blow from the "Rising Sun" countries... And this time from Singapore. Every year, people are expecting the "Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival" as they are expecting every year the new Champagne wine. And as very often, it goes on well. In fact it keeps improving every time. The event offers everyone a chance to find his good place to share it, whatever they are: virtuosos, beginners, competitors, visitors and fans of all ages. Every year, it's easy to predict that the Festival will meet a great success. And it was the case this year (*).

The Guinness Book would be delighted to know that the committee of the Singapore Festival has received 2530 hosted applications... quite a deal for the jury of this competition, faced with candidates who did not renounce and with repeated efforts tried to reach the required level. Our instrument is used to challenges to obtain its indisputable credibility. Mission accomplished by Singapore winners.

The event reach its climax with a sparkling final, resolutely positive about the future of "The Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival" which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2012. Let this be.
Many thanks to Boh Teck Keong and Victor Tang Yuen Wai, organizers of these festivities.

Easterly winds conform us in the idea that it's worth living on a planet on which Harmonica is a passion shared without frontiers. This is the mission of visited by 129 countries.

In Paris, Autumn favours us with a rejoicing Indian Summer, with a beautifully coloured carpet of dead leaves, as a prelude to the next "Harmo-Beaujo".

Harmonically yours,
- Jean Labre

(*) You will find an article on Singapore events in our "Articles" section (, and also in the next edition of the magazine "Harmonicas de France".
Published October 12th 2010


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