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Happy New Year 2011
At the dawn of the industrial revolution, the first part of the 19th century was already rich in many different inventions. At the beginning of this New Year, I'll mention two of them : the harmonica, essential for us, and the postage stamp,in 1840.
With this later, the new year wishes tradition appeared, wishes sent to loved ones, like carrier pigeons.
A hundred and fifty years later, the Internet* advent has changed the situation. Paper cards are now virtual cards.
The question is to know which of the two possibilities will gain the public favour ? I wouldn't commit myself on this debate on this first day of the year 2011, especially since the web is allowing me to visit you today, in a very convenient way ! But I must confess my preference for our carrier pigeon... And I am not alone seing the great number of greeting cards already cluttering my desk.
The greeting card is palpable, it's like a CD or a good book, it's comfortable. We must admit that internet is depriving us of this feeling, of the human presence we need, simple as a handshake, eye to eye, a gesture that is increasingly rare.
Some scattered confettis and gifts wraps are bringing me back to reality, to that first day of the year, with, in the background, the sound of the Elvis Christmas album I constantly listen to, by the end of each year, moment of musical emotion... This musical emotion, my faithful travelling companion, probably yours also, over time.
These emotional moments that I wish you to live very often this new year, moments to share with loved ones around you.
Happy New Year 2011 to all of you.
With a special thought for harmonica players of the Aruba Republic, a small island off Venezuela, the 130th country to attend . Welcome to the Club.
Jean Labre

* Internet, Speaking about it, I found myself without access to the web for two months (since October 28th), therefore, unable to update my site regularly. Fortunately, Josette, my brother's wife, and my webmaster son Stéphane, came to my rescue a few times by intervening lineup. I thank them. Sincerely sorry for any inconvenience.
Published January 1st 2011


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