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Sakura*, Spring in Japan
After a long journey through the hill, we came on a long driveway lined with giant cherry blossoms, the "tunnel " said my driver, a guard of honor at the end of which lies the eight century old wonderful Aoso Jinja shrine, our destination, miraculously spared by the vagaries of the planet.
Yes, we were in Sendai two years ago. That's how I discovered this magical temple where I had the privilege of giving a concert with my Japanese friends harmonica players, at the invitation of Cocoro Kaketa, my occasional driver and hostess of the place.
What about today after the cataclysm that has hit Japan? I just learned that my driver was unharmed, but I have not heard of all the other friends.
Salute the courageous people of Japan which is not of the type to give up. They've been through worse ...
Nature does no favor ... After volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 2010, here falls on the heads a "resshin" amplitude 9.1 followed by a apocalyptic tsunami sending us maybe, who knows, a warning about the deployment of research, whatever the cost, on sources of energy.
This is where we realize that our small vicissitudes of homo sapiens do not weigh very heavily against the universal order, see the disorder.
And now, Mother Nature is preparing to celebrate in a few days Sakura, 2 weeks, for the cherry blossoms, with the Japanese people, as if nothing had happened! Under the watchful eye of our Aoso Jinja which, from the depths of the hills of Sendai, reminds us that after the clouds there's always the sun ...

Keep blowing.

- Jean Labre

And during that time, the orchestra "Les Lutéciens" made an entry, very noticeable, in the arena of mouth music. Spread the word.

* Sakura is the symbolism of cherry blossom.
Published March 22nd 2011


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