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Walt Miller Death
Walt Miller, Walter Mueller (registry office), passed away on October 13th in his good city of Basle, Switzerland, at the age of 84. With him, disappeared one of the last great figures of the last century harmonica world, one of the last survivors of the Minevitch legend (photo: third from the left), and of the following adventure.

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Not only a virtuoso, Walt was also the inventor of the "Millioniser", "Mini Wind Control", developed by Motorola and Suzuki Instruments : a "blown" synthesizer controlling 8 octaves! It won a worldwide success.
A friend, I met him in New York at the beginning of the fifties at the Century hotel (46th street), where we stayed, him with some "Rascals", I with Air France.
Walt was a virtuoso, perfectionist in the extreme... in the Swiss tradition.
I often visited him at Basle in his residence, his ivory tower. I remember him in his garden, with his two faithful companions, a couple of "Basset Hounds" dogs. Souvenirs.

The harmonica planet is mourning. I offer my very sincere condolences to his family, to whom I associate my friends harmonica players of France.
Jean Labre
Published October 25th 2011


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