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Best Wishes for 2012
This not an illusion, there are two planets that live a harmonious cohabitation...
For Planet Earth which coyly claims an age of nearly five billions years, it behoves us to light a candle over on its birthday cake. But let's not forget the other one, Planet Harmonica, which itself shows 4500 years of existence, a young one! Two candles for two cakes, ritual symbol of passing time, and to think that we usually claim for those two, at most, a relationship that does not exceed half a century... Vagaries of time!
Planet Harmonica... let's pay tribute to the Emperor Huang-Ti, who on the distant shores of the Yellow River, created the "Sheng", the first free-reed instrument based on the two fundamental principles that govern the Universe: Yin and Yang (theory that I take up in my "Harmonica Encyclopedia", at the end of write); he also created the first planetary scale, pentatonic. It will make its way... prelude to Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others.
Back to the present time, we are switching to 2012, a promising year for Harmonica events all over the place, announced in I can tell you that the highlight of the year will undoubtedly be the "9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival" in kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August. Like our Mediterranean Festivals, this event brings together all the countries bordering the Pacific ocean, and other participants from around the world.
Other upcoming events: the Living World of Music -the MESSE- in Francort late March (for all harmonica makes), the AJHF Convention in Tokyo late April, the H2F Festival at Jujurieux (France) early June, the SPAH Convention mid-August in Irving (Texas, USA), etc. Planet Harmonica is doing well, thank you!
Happy New Year 2012 to You all and your Families.
- Jean Labre
Published January 1st 2012


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