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Autumn 2012 & Such the Phoenix...
Blessed are those among us who have lived during the Minevitch era. Others have discovered later this period, listening to the abundant bequeathed discography which shows an instrumental virtuosity combined with perfect orchestrations, both unmatched until now. While listening to Borah Minevitch and his famous "Rascals" , I've always said that it would not be easy to reach such a level, the bar was set very high. I was not the only one to think that.

I am back from the 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, biennial like our usual Mediterranean events, It is the meeting place of all the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. Flawless organization in a "Thousand and One Night" atmosphere, perfect for concerts and official ceremonies.
According to the general opinion, the highlight of the festival was the international harmonica championship including 14 categories, with 2817 competitors !

For me, I consider that the culmination was elsewhere. I lived a great emotional moment during the concert "Fusion of Harmonica Arts", in the ballroom of the Berjaya palace. I was stuck listening to the Taïwan group "Judy Harmonica Ensemble", interpreting the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme with a presence, a virtuosity that would not have disowned the Rascals. Yes, I realized during this evening that what I have thought impossible, the succession of Minevitch, has become feasible, in the concept so dear to him, namely : 3 chromatics, a chord and a bass. Let's pay tribute to the arranger. It has been the same with the "Sirius Harmonica Ensemble", from Taïwan, which also graced us with a flood of harmonics, masterfully interpreting "Contract", a video game theme : it moves, it's goes fast. Another bravo for the arranger. They also were five, in the same instrumental definition as the Rascals.

It is time, at last, for the epic Minevitch saga, now underground, to erupt again in broad daylight.
Undoubtedly the most invigorating news of this Autumn

Jean Labre
Published October 16th 2012


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