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The arrival of "Beaujolais Nouveau" wine*, on the 16th of November, has now become a global event and Japan has not escaped this festive tsunami.
In November 1999, an Air France cargo Boeing arrived in Tokyo Narita airport, loaded with 145 tons of Beaujolais Nouveau.
I was invited that evening to take part in a musical party organized by Air France, to celebrate the event, in Tokyo New Otani Palace.
A memorable evening...
In the plane, returning home, came to me the idea to organize the same celebration in Paris, every year. Thus was born the first musical "Harmonica-Beaujo" evening, held 1n November 2000 near Paris, in Enghien at the Octopus restaurant. Many will follow. Every year, because of the constantly increasing success, we had to change to gain space, from the Octopus to the "Boeuf Couronné", then the "Venezia", "La Butte" theater, "O'Cantina Cafe", etc. Great mmoments shared with Albert Raisner, Claude Garden, John Walton, Alexandre Thollon, the Hotshots, Nami Miyata, etc. Friends from all around the world.
This year marks the sixteenth anniversary of this event (dinner/ concert)November 21. It will take place in the restaurant :
"Arts et Sciences Réunis" 161 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris.

If you feel like it, you still have the opportunity to take part in this harmonica " rendez-vous ".
Information/reservation :
(33)9-8093.9182 or
Welcome to Harmo-Beaujo
Jean Labre

* Beaujolais Nouveau, or Beaujolais Primeur, is a wine with a guarantee of origin, produced in Beaujolais vineyards, the grape variety is Gamay. It is traditionnaly put for sale worldwide on the third thursday of November.
Published October 22nd 2015


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