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Myth in Black Forest
Like the Phoenix, it is in Trossingen, in this magical site that it found refuge since nearly two centuries, after 2500 years of a rich journey on a road full of twists, a history already mentionned many a time in
A myth does not die, Socrate and Platon are still comfortably integrated into our contemporary life. Established from the beginning by oral tradition combined with constant instrumental practice, our mythical « mouth music » is teaching us that rational can become miraculously beneficial, one of its functions being essentially teaching. The Trossingen WHF 2013 is a perfect illustration.

The harmonica is an objet that thrills, generates an imagination going far beyond the abilities ascribed to it. Yes, far beyond, and I am looking forward to the pleasure of attending at the « Hong Kong Harmonica Association Ochestra » concert, directed masterfully by my friend Johnny Kuan, with 80 harmonica players, orchestra of high quality interpreting traditionnal classical pieces, with an execution, a gesture in the pure tradition of great classical orchestras (men dressed in tuxedos, women wearing evening dresses). That would suit our Palais Garnier, Paris Opéra House... it's sure to be a bit weepy...

If you feel like it, your piggy bank also, do not miss this Festival that take place, unfortunately only every 4 years... and don't forget your « mouth music » faithfull companion, your best passport through this wonderful and turbulent world.

Jean Labre
Published October 18th 2013


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