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The thirst to know what is happening on our planet and in our environment, this need exploited by the medias never ceases to increase fueled by a flood of publicity... goose that lays golden eggs ! Phenomenon generating an addiction inherent to our epoch. We are all more or less victims and the machine is constantly accelerated by the influence of internet.
A friend of mine, saturated by this system, used to say that he was dreaming of being on a desert island with only a stack of phone books to sit on. He did not, unfortunately, had time to realize his dream. I sometimes think that such a situation would probably be worth living.
In the real world, to keep you informed of our mouth music activities is not something obvious, it requires considerable work. Let's pay tribute to the editorial team of the magazine « Harmonicas de France », which relentlessly works to keep you informed on everything happening in our small harmonica world. I try to help them as much as possible.
Internet has changed everything, and if we consider that many of us do not have access to this system... it's a problem. I' am addressing them today.
Firstly I would advise them to subscribe, if it's not already done, to the association Harmonicas de France magazine, but I can't help advising them also to adopt internet, aware that nowadays almost everything is treated via this process... and believe that there is no age limit to do so, a neighbour of my friends did it at 91 years.
Internet will allow them to access to harmonica world websites. I personnaly created this website which also keeps tracks of everything happening on the harmonica planet.
Inexorably, we must admit that internet will become very shortly the only interlocutor to answer your questions... Or rejecting this system, like a Robinson Crusoe, will you end up on a desert island without phone books (they also are digital) ... Philosophy, life choice ? Why not.

Jean Labre
Published May 11th 2014


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