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Flavor of Time
Flavor of the Time
Quality perceived by the senses and the taste...

Things are moving in the « Mouth Music World », initiatives are multiplying across France , every day new links are created by associations and other movements, willing to provide information needed by each of us, wherever we are. Globalization has expanded the artistic landscape. Flavor of the time which is providing us a multitude of events including concerts, festivals, meetings, chronics, publications.
Things are moving and we are not abandoned : example in Condat, a small town in the center of France, where a new Ressources Harmonica Center (PRH) is born, sponsored by an international audience, by Brendan Power and Joe Filisko, and at the initiative of the local association Harpedge.
Without forgetting those of us having no internet connection, who will now find in « Harmonicas de France » magazine information devoted primarily to local associations, groups and all harmonica players of France.
Also flavors of the spirit, without which this edito would precisely be lacking... flavor.
Everything has sense, the taste has several.
The arrival of « Beaujolais Nouveau » wine has now become a global event.
November 1999, an Air France cargo arrived in Tokyo Narita airport loaded with 145 tons of Beaujolais Nouveau. On that same evening I was invited to take part in a musical party organized by Air France to celebrate the event, in Tokyo New Otani Palace. Memorable evening...
In the plane returning home, came to me the idea of organizing in Paris, every year, the same celebration. Thus was born the first musical « Harmo-Beaujo » of which we'll celebrate this month the fifteenth anniversary ... with moderation, at the restaurant « Arts et Sciences Réunis » in Paris.

« Vinicius et musica laetificant cor »
Wine and Music rejoice the Body. Ecclesiastiques XI, 20

Jean Labre
Published November 6th 2014


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