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To Be or not to Be...
Depending on how people perceive it, the comprehension of this sentence is multiple. Let's forget an instant the poetic, theatrical dimensions of the Shakespeare's writing, to find ourselves four centuries later, on the morning of January the 9th 2015 when the tragedy happened in Charlie Hebdo magazine premises.
Immeasurable infringement of our freedoms.
Yes, it is important to be Charlie, we are Charlie, I am Charlie. Our harmonica little world is wholeheartedly Charlie. Many cartoonists are going on waving their pencils, their only weapons against barbarism. And us, we've only got our small instrument...
I had the chance, the happiness to live a wandering life in a world full of diversity and differences, full of all kinds of musics so enriching, always with my harmonica in my pocket... Faithfull companion, symbol of freedom and my best passeport through our wonderfull and so turbulent world...
May I daresay something that will probably make our cartoonists smile ? I remember an old time saying : "If all guys around the world may join hands..."
It's not forbidden to have a dream.

Harmonically yours
Jean Labre
Published January 24th 2015


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