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Hassle Dance
Our world is inexplicably mysterious, alternately punctuated with pleasures, worries, events, unpredictable whims of our planet... This planet that makes us fewer and fewer gifts. The sources of our torments are intensified and multiples :
events, families, everyday life, etc.
How to react to adversity ?... life is a mystery we need to live, and not a problem to solve. Some will suggest you to solve your problems with more or less fancy remedies ,be careful ,the counselors are not payers, says a proverb. Others cleverly claim that philosophy is the solved problems science...
To end with an optimistic note there iis a life gift for harmonica players : playing Harmonica is the art of telling everything at the rhythm of each day. We can also rejoice that our mouth- music is,by far, the most widely used instrument, on our planet.
Encouraging sign that authorizes us to believe in the future. The Late Albert Raisner had he not chosen as motto for his «Harmonica Club », in the late 40s : « To chase all the hassle, play Harmonica »...

Harmonically yours
Published September 28th 2018


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