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"Armos" Band

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Born in 2003, the Armos is a band of six professional musicians. Pierrre Rochat , composer, violinist and chromatic harmonica player is the musical director.
The musicians are: Gérard Margnoux, chromatic harmonica teacher in several music schools in Paris (a reference); Charles Le Croller, guitarist (chromatic harmonica and guitare teacher); Bernard Dubos, chromatic and diatonic soloist; Dominique Lannes, chromatic soloist and also violonist ( specialist of Bach repertoire); Jean Pierre Auger, guitarist playing classical music as well as jazz, giving to this ensemble an atypical accompaniment.
Sébastien Charlier, diatonic, and Jean Buecher, chord polyphonia, sometimes complete this ensemble, for our great pleasure. And more than that : for the first time diatonic and chromatic harmonicists are playing (Bach or Count Basie who cares...), together side by side on stage, and we greet this with a big applause.

If you want to know more there is an article in France Harmonica Revue N°45
Contacts : Gérard Margnoux, 33 1 45 04 83 13 (phone), 33 1 40 21 33 60 (fax)
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Published March 20th 2006


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