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Japan : Introduction concerts in japanese primary schools

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In japan, a large introduction to harmonica campaign is taking place at the moment in primary schools, (tremolo, chromatic harmonicas and ensembles). It generally takes place in playgrounds or sports hall, in front of a very young attentive audience.

This campaign is held on the Japanese Harmonica Federation (A.J.H.F.)initiative, the federation caring for the logistics helped by local sponsors. The Federation groups together 16 associations, the head office is in Tokyo.
This campaign is encountering a great success. Just back from Japan where I've been witness of the efficiency of the system, I think that it is an exemple to follow.

The Japanese Federation is also taking part in an action to help children suffering of respiratory maladies. Using the harmonica as a physical (because it's a draw and blow musical instrument) and psychological (music as a source of pleasure) therapy tool is giving good results.

In France, the association "Musique et santé"is working on the same basis with also very good confirmed results.
An article on the subject was published in France Harmonica revue N°39 (summer 2002). We'll publish it again very soon on this site.
Published April 29th 2006


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