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Steve Baker - International Harmonica Master Workshops

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From November 1st - 5th 2006 Steve Baker will be presenting the 3rd Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen (Germany), a four day educational event for diatonic harp featuring himself, Joe Filisko, David Barreth and Marc Breitfelder as instructors. Information and registration forms for this event can be found on the Trossingen website : (in German & English).
During the 2007 summer, Steve is planning to take the Harmonica Masters Workshops on the road and to present the event in three other European countries : France, Sweeden and Great Britain. It will be again with himself, Joe and David, plus national artists in each country. In France Greg Szlapszynski has agreed to work with Steve in Paris, using his school facilities and presenting concerts and sessions in the Utopia Club (have a look at our article concerning the Utopia club).
But, first of all, Trossingen in november this year.
Published June 6th 2006


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