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Jean Labre's letter
We are the 21st of June and in France as in other countries it is the Music Fete.This is for me to send you this first letter.
Our website is four months old and is visited, we could nearly say,by people from everywhere. People from fifty one countries have already paid us a visit (last of them were Chile and Bulgaria). Welcome to all of you !
Internet harmonicist communication has been one of the subject debated in the Japanese Convention in Tokyo last April. In my presence, the President of the AJHF*, Mr Yasuharu Mano, gave this website "" as an example of what can be done. I had then the opportunity to insist on the fact that by internet the information is nearly without delay and less expensive than it is by means of associative press although this one is absolutely necessary and complementary.

Please use our mail "contact" to tell us your suggestions and remarks,we are listening in.

And enjoy this Music Fete... mouth music fete of course !!

Jean Labre

*All Japan Harmonica Federation
Published June 21st 2006


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