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As an introduction, this title needs an explanation. Harmo-beaujo is a contraction of two words : Harmonica and beaujolais and more specifically Beaujolais nouveau (new Beaujolais). The new Beaujolais is the first yearly production of wine in France, following the September grape harvest. It's a light wine officially on sale every year on the 16th of November. Harmo-Beaujo is a friendship rendez-vous around a bottle of Beaujolais nouveau. It's also an event in Japan, the first Harmo-beaujo" event was created in Tokyo, in November 1999, in a concert sponsorised by Air France and the Beaujolais. Jean Labre performed during this concert.
Since 2000, Harmo-beaujo has been a yearly traditional harmonica rendez–vous in Paris.It's a dinner concert including harmonica players and friends from everywhere. It took place this year in "Le Bercy" restaurant.

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The program included the B.B. Blues Band with Joel Hanriot and Romain Petite (keyboard). Joël made once more time the demonstration of what is his best : the overblows, and a strong presence on stage.

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The french japanese harmonica trio "Les Parisiens" with Nami Miyata as soloist playing chromatic and tremolo harmonicas, thus giving to the trio an atypical repertoire conbining Japan refinement with occidental musical culture. Maurice Bailly was playing bass harmonica and Jean Labre chord.

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The "Harmo-Beaujo" dinner concert is traditionally animated by Jean Labre and guests invited to take part in jam sessions. Among other friends, this year : Giovanni Volini (mister Harmonica in Italy) just arrived from Milano.

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A Friday night fever lived in the true "France Harmonica" tradition. photos : Giovanni Volini, Philippe Delbourg.
Published December 8th 2006


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