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Happy New Year 2007
Time is going by so quickly... 2006 is already the past. Memories, memories... We must look towards the future and the New Year 2007 is already promising events of which we'll talk here very soon. Let's be confident in the flow of time which sometimes brings good surprises.
Next February we'll see a very important event that will go down in the mouth organ history. It's a concert with Howard Levy, in Bad Elster, Germany, on the 3rd of February. This exceptional virtuoso will perform his composition, the "Concerto for diatonic harmonica and symphonic orchestra". He will be accompanied by the "Chursächisten Philarmonic Orchestra".
For us harmonica players, the accession of the diatonic harmonica to the rank of instrument in a classical concert will surely be the main event of 2007 and may be of the century.
Thank you very much, Mr Howard Levy. You are making us a great gift and I am happy to share it with you all, as a New Year present.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year !
Jean Labre
Published December 30th 2006


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