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Pete Pedersen, biography of a legend
The great Jerry Murad had said : "The definition of Pete Pedersen in my musical dictionnary is : the finest of all around harmonica player, composer/arranger in the world. Jazz, classical, pop, country, you name it, he does everything. He is the best. I ought to know, I've heard them all."
Pete got his break into the business through Borrah Minevitch famous ensemble, collaborated to various influencial Harmonica trios and finally went solo.
The website, presents the newly realised biography : Be of Good Cheer, Memories of Harmonica Legend Pete Pedersen, written by his partner in life Jaine Rodack. The book collect stories about his life, anecdotes, photos and more.
Pete was my friend. Congratulations Jaine, great Job.
Jean Labre
Photo : Book front cover
Published January 20th 2007


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